Application Process

How do I apply for a grant?

For cases, applications must be made by the applicant’s lawyer or barrister.

For projects, applications must be made by the intended recipient of the grant.

Application Forms can be found online here. Please follow the instructions provided.

For urgent applications, please email us a summary of the case or project and explain why the application is urgent. More information on what to include in this email can be found here.

All applications must be in English.

Once your completed application has been received by us, our Secretariat will then determine which applications most meet our Mission Statement and Grant Criteria, and these will be invited to proceed to the detailed due diligence stage. At this stage we will ask further questions and request key documents by email, following execution of a non-disclosure agreement between us.

All applications which are then short-listed following this detailed due diligence stage are reviewed by our Advisory Committee.

The Advisory Committee will determine which applications (if any) should be recommended to our Board for their consideration. The Board will determine which applications (if any) will be offered a grant.

Our process will usually follow these stages:

Therium Access application flowchartPlease note:

  • Only successful applications will go through to Completion, and we may advise you that your application was not successful at any stage of the process;
  • Following the expiry of the application deadline (click here), the entire due diligence and approval process should take 8 weeks to complete for successful applications but may take longer depending on information provided. How promptly you and your representatives respond to queries and requests for information will have a significant impact on this;
  • It is important that the applicant and/or their legal team are available and prepared to deal with further due diligence requirements in a timely manner during this period. If delays occur, it may mean that your application cannot be put forward for consideration at the next Board Meeting and may be delayed until a subsequent meeting; and
  • The Advisory Committee or the Secretariat may need to meet with the applicant and their legal team (where applicable) to discuss the application in some circumstances. If necessary, we will invite you to such a meeting either in person or on a call and we may cover your reasonable expenses in attending the meeting if we deem it appropriate to do so in our absolute discretion.

We will endeavour to let you know the outcome of the application no later than 2 weeks after Therium Access’ Board meeting (at the end of every June and October).

For urgent applications, we will endeavour to let you know the outcome of the application within one week of receipt of your email.

Please note that decisions by Therium Access are final and there is no appeal, but you may re-apply at a later date.

Please also note that Therium Access has limited funds available, and a grant is not guaranteed even if a case or project falls within the Mission Statement and Grant Criteria. Therium Access retains absolute discretion in determining its criteria, process, and whether to make a grant at any time, including any and all details (such as the amount) of a grant.

Where a grant application is successful, we will need to execute a Grant Agreement between Therium Access and yourselves. This agreement will include a requirement to report progress to us every 6 months and may include conditions precedent which need to be satisfied prior to any funds being made available.

For cases, we will then transfer the agreed funds to your lawyer’s or barrister’s client account (as a lump sum or in instalments).

For projects, we will then transfer the agreed funds to the organisation’s bank account (as a lump sum or in instalments). We will not transfer the funds to any other account.

Following that, we will be in touch every 6 months to request an update on the case or project’s progress. It is also expected that you will inform us of any significant developments as they arise. At the end of the grant, we will also ask you to provide a brief report with your feedback and which reflects on the grant.

Therium Access will not usually provide feedback on unsuccessful applications. However, where a grant application which has progressed to the Detailed Due Diligence stage is unsuccessful, Therium Access may provide feedback to the applicant explaining why their application was unsuccessful.

The reason an application is unsuccessful however may simply be because Therium Access felt that other applications at that time were stronger when considering the Mission Statement and Grant Criteria.

Therium Access may at its discretion consider applications for projects or cases even if a previous application was unsuccessful.