Mission Statement

Therium Access’ mission is simple: to help facilitate access to justice for individuals, groups, or other entities. While most funding will be provided by way of grants, Therium Access can provide funding in a variety of ways. Any purpose that seeks to promote, encourage or facilitate access to justice – whether directly or indirectly, whether relating to the provision of legal services and/or legal representation (including a defence), whether in connection with contentious or non-contentious cases, and regardless of whether such cases are civil or criminal in nature – is eligible for consideration.

Therium Access aims to support access to justice in the broadest terms, and will consider applications that further the following causes (in no particular order):

  1. The right to legal representation or due process;
  2. The proper and efficient administration of justice;
  3. The advancement of human rights;
  4. The promotion of equality of rights and diversity;
  5. The protection of children, the elderly, the disabled, minorities, asylum seekers and other vulnerable or disadvantaged groups;
  6. The advancement of environmental protection or improvement;
  7. The promotion of legal education that furthers the causes listed above; and
  8. Any other case or project in which a person, group, or entity will not have access to justice without financial assistance.

Therium Access will usually seek to prioritise grants where those that will benefit are unable to access alternative sources of funds. In addition to considering external applications for grants, Therium Access will from time to time initiate projects that promote access to justice and pro-actively invite third parties to apply for grant funding.

While Therium Access recognises that there are many worthy causes that go beyond the areas listed above, we are unfortunately unable to consider applications that fall outside our Mission Statement and the Grant Criteria (including applications from individual students seeking tuition assistance for their studies). Therium Access is also unable to offer legal advice or represent parties in individual cases.