Our Grants

Who do we help?

Therium Access may provide financial assistance to individuals (for criminal or civil cases),  groups of individuals (e.g. group/class actions or representative claims), or other entities. We can provide grants to cases or projects that may be considered politically or socially controversial but will only do so where it is consistent with our Mission Statement.

Therium Access is able to provide grants to cover all the costs of a case (to pursue or defend a claim), contribute to such costs with others, or simply agree to pay an agreed part of such costs (e.g. disbursements or adverse costs cover only). We may provide a grant for all or part of the judicial process (including the assumption of adverse cost risks).

Although there is no strict requirement that the lawyers involved in a case that is seeking funding from Therium Access are acting on a pro bono basis, it is expected that they usually would do so, and applications should state clearly how the grant will be used.

Additionally, Therium Access will not usually make a financial return on any grant, however where a successful funding grant recipient is awarded damages or costs, Therium Access would expect to receive back its proportionate share of such an award up to the amount of the grant made by Therium Access at least, so that such funds can be redeployed to help others.

Therium Access is able to provide grants to assist organisations with their day-to-day operations (so-called ‘core costs’), in respect of a particular campaign or initiative, for a staff position or for external services. We may provide a grant for all or part of the project. It is important that the project’s direct connection to access to justice is clearly demonstrated.

We may provide a grant for a law centre, a group or a campaigning organisation that seeks legislative action or change, as examples.

Therium Access is able to make a grant in any geographic area provided we are not restricted by legislation from doing so. However, until further notice we will only be providing grants in the UK.

Applications will be considered for cases or projects needing action or support within the next twelve months.

Usually, Therium Access has 2 standard grant rounds per year, however in 2021 we will be running 1 standard grant round. We will make decisions on the applications received in August.  Please click here for the next upcoming deadline.

In addition, Therium Access will consider applications for grants which are urgent at any time. There is no formal application process for these grants (click here), but urgency must be clearly demonstrated.

There is no minimum or maximum size of the amount of the grant which Therium Access can provide in principle, but subject always to the funds available to Therium Access at the time. Funding may be provided in a single lump sum or may be provided over a period of time up to an agreed maximum.  The average grant amount is £40,000 to £50,000 per annum.

We can provide grants alongside other parties and engage in activities to encourage others to provide funds (for example, we may offer to match funds raised by a project from other donors, crowd funding or other fundraising activities). Please provide details of any other sources of funding in your application.

Where further funding is required in addition to any grant awarded by Therium Access, we will be under no obligation to provide a follow up grant and a further application will be needed. This will be reviewed alongside other applications at that time in accordance with our usual procedures for new applications.