Grant Criteria & Priorities

Grant Criteria

We will take the following factors into account, amongst other considerations:

For cases

  • The extent of need you have demonstrated, and how critical a grant is for your legal claim or defence to continue;
  • Ability to fund from alternative sources of funds (i.e., own funds, Legal Aid, legal expenses insurance, fee arrangements with lawyers, crowd funding or litigation funding);
  • Whether additional funding will be required from other sources and the probability of this being secured;
  • How far-reaching the impact of this case is;
  • The track record of your legal team;
  • The prospect of success of your claim or defence; and
  • The potential of further financial exposure to Therium Access (e.g. by way of an Arkin order).

For organisations/projects

  • The extent of need you have demonstrated, and how crucial a grant is for your organisation and project;
  • How far-reaching the impact of your work is;
  • Whether similar organisations and projects exist;
  • Whether funding from other sources is available;
  • Whether additional funding will be required from other sources and the probability of this being secured; and
  • Whether the organisation has a track record of delivering positive outcomes and the credentials to run this type of project (or others) and is able to satisfy its objectives and do so (and manage its other operations) within budget.

For urgent applications, in addition to the above criteria (as applicable), the immediate requirement for a grant must be clearly demonstrated, e.g. for a judicial review.


This year Therium Access will be running one grant round in the Summer (click here).  Applications will be on an invitation basis and those who wish to be considered will be able to submit expressions of interest beforehand (deadline of 30 April 2021).  Funding will be available for organisation or cases.  Our priorities for this grant round will be to fund ‘gaps’ in a broad sense.  Please see our Application Process page for more detail on how to apply.

Priorities for applications from organisations

Applications should be for new or existing projects, rather than for core costs (although applicants may include a proportion of on-costs in their applications). Existing or previous grantees will be invited to apply.

Applicants should be able to demonstrate the following:

  • Difficulty or uncertainty in raising funds elsewhere for this project (in particular, we will not look to fund projects which can be funded through the Community Justice Fund); and
  • The objectives of the project itself is to fill a gap. This could be through a much-needed service, through an innovative delivery model and/or by reaching beneficiaries who are difficult to access.

Priorities for applications for cases

Our usual Grant Criteria will apply (see above).

Separately and in addition to the Summer 2021 grant round, we have contributed further funds to the Community Justice Fund for wave two grants to help specialist social welfare legal advice organisations cope with the immediate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and lay the foundations for longer-term renewal.

Applications for urgent/ad hoc funding will remains open throughout the year.